All about Mr Shiny Mechanical


On your first visit to our workshop, you will see why we are called Mr Shiny Mechanical. Our workshop and workmanship are always clean and tidy, earning us the reputation of being called ‘Mr Shiny’

We are located at the new PUMA Service Station at 166 Bedford Road in Andergrove and have a wonderful team of well qualified and experienced mechanics with the latest diagnostic tools. Our primary focus is your safety and we will always check over your car and perform our work to the highest possible standard to ensure you are safe on the road. We will always call you when we find any problems and let you know of any upcoming maintenance on your vehicle.

Mr Shiny Mechanical caters to all popular model vehicles, providing general servicing, spring and suspension repairs or replacements and brake and clutch repairs.

Some of the other mechanical services that we offer include automatic transmission servicing, fuel injection cleaning, brakes, suspension, batteries and new vehicle servicing.

If you are a corporate customer with fleet vehicles, the Mr Shiny Team can maintain your fleet cars and 4x4s. We provide full logbook servicing for all 4×4 models, as well as general car servicing.

At Mr Shiny Mechanical, we are fully trained and authorised to carry out new car servicing and can validate your service book even if your car is under new car warranty. We will perform your logbook service as per the manufacturer’s statutory logbook schedule for every make and model. We will sign and stamp your service book so that you can rest assured that your warranty is fully protected.

If you are looking at towing a boat, caravan, trailer or have any questions regarding the safe and reliable set-up of your vehicle for towing or touring, Pedr can help. We can also assist with boat or caravan wheel bearings and spring replacements.

We are fair in our pricing and will always find the most cost effective solution for you